Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Surfs Up

If we are going to live in South Australia for 5 months, we should probably visit the best surfing beach in SA, right?  That is exactly what we did for Week #18.  We made it a long weekend and drove an hour south to Middleton for a little beach holiday.


p.s.  If any of you felt nervous on the road during this time, you probably had a right to feel that way.  I was behind the wheel (the RIGHT wheel) driving a few times.  Although the boys were screaming and sure we were going to crash, I'm pretty sure I crushed it.  Glad I can say that I have drove on the "wrong" side of the road, at least a tiny bit.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hike, Pageant, Birthday and Koalas...Oh My!

Well, in real life we just started Week #19 (out of #22, yikes!) but in photo album world, here is Week #17.  This close to the end, I can't afford to get behind!


The Monday after Week #17 (confused yet?), all three boys took off for school and I took a THREE HOUR NAP.  I am the first to admit how great this mid-to-upper-30-year-old thinks naps are, but I can't remember the last time I napped for that long.  But after putting together this album of photos, no wonder I was wiped out.  This particular week was busy: helping at school, a hike with Ryan, a kayaking adventure, "the" Adelaide Christmas Pageant (parade), Ryan turned 40 and we ventured to another wildlife park.  I should warn you that the album has lots of pictures - but my fingers are crossed you can get through them all without needing a nap!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

It's amazing what age and a little perspective can teach you.  I spend 6 weeks in Rome with a study abroad program while I was in college and that 6 weeks seemed like it lasted for a long, long time.  We now have 6 weeks left in Australia, and I just know that it is going to fly by.  Time to make the most of our remaining time in Adelaide!

And if you still haven't had enough, here is a video I took at the Friday assembly.  This is the song they sing at the END of every assembly.  If you don't mind getting the song stuck in your head, it's worth watching the whole time to see Caden & Daniel "singing" and clapping at the end.  Caden has also admitted that he REFUSES to sing that he "is" Australian....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

LOVE a bargain...

For anyone who knows me at all, I am NOT a real fan of shopping.  But there is something about finding deals in Adelaide that has brought out the shopper in me.  Not long after being here I found a hidden gem of a store called Temt.  Some of the clothes were WAY out there, but I found several t-shirts, tank tops and shirts/sweaters that were all under $10.  Australia uses coins and not bills for $1 and $2 denominations and there is just something sweet about forking only a couple gold coins for a super soft t-shirt.  Whether you really need it or not, who can beat $4,95, right?

Once a month during the winter and now twice a month during warmer summer months, Gilles Street Primary School hires (rents) out the playground for the Gilles Street Market.  We were there this morning for Bryson's basketball practice and so I meandered around before meeting up with the family in the gym.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.  Pop-up tents were positioned one on top of each other, covering the entire blacktop surface.  Clothes, shoes, jewelry, drinks and food.  They had a little bit of everything and it was so much fun to rummage around.  Some of the stuff was handmade but I'm guessing a lot of the stuff was bought from garage sales, Salvo (Salvation Army) and EBay and was being resold.  I didn't care - I found some great stuff.

I was able to pull myself away and watch most of Bryson's basketball practice.  But when practice was over, the boys played on the playground equipment while I gave Ryan a tour of all my finds.  We picked out three different Adelaide "posters" that will be fun to hang downstairs in our basement.  After grabbing a little bite to eat, I decided to walk around ONE more time to make sure I hadn't missed anything.  And look what I found:


and get ready....

ONE DOLLAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Five dollars (paid in coins!) for three great piece of clothing.  Life is good today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week #15

Another one bites the dust...another week that is!  We had a little taste of Adelaide summer this week and it was HOT. But nothing that a few ice blocks (Popsicles!) can't help!  Not much else to say, so I hope the pictures speak for themselves this week.


Saturday, October 25, 2014

(almost) 2/3 of the way done!

I'm in no-way a maths major (I love how Aussies add an 's' to the end of the word), but if these are Week #14 pictures and we're here for a total of 22 weeks...we're two-thirds of the way done with this Australian adventure (well, almost).  When I am completely honest with myself, two thoughts come to mind: I can't believe we have already been here for this long AND I can't believe we still have another month and a half to go.  But I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's okay to feel both ways at the same time.  I'm treating it as part of the overall adventure!

Week #14 started out a bit slow as the boys started back to school in Term 4, Ryan caught up with school work and I tried to transition back to "normal" life in Adelaide.  But by the weekend, we were ready to get out of the house and do some more exploring.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


If the amount of grime on my feet today is any indication, it was a FULL and FUN day.

Ryan and Caden kicked off the day at 5:30am as they left to volunteer for the 2014 Australian Duathlon Championships.  They worked at one of the water stations, handing out water to the age-group and elite athletes.  Nine and a half hours later (!), they returned from the day.  I know Ryan enjoyed being able to "give back" after being the one taking water all the time.  It was also Caden's first official volunteer event and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Bryson and I were able to sleep in a bit more, but our day was no less busy.  Although the Duathlon Championships was along the River Torrens in the CBD, our nearby Hutt Street (just ~30 yards away from our front door) was also hosting a local criterion race (many laps around a closed street course in bicycles).  So after brekkie, B and I headed down the street to watch a few of the younger racers compete (14-17 year old boys & girls).   We then jumped on our own bikes and rode to Gilles Street Primary School for Bryson's first basketball practice.  B did a great job and seemed to have a good time while he was there.  There were only ~7 other kids and there was a WIDE range of athletic abilities.  I don't think I would be exaggerating to say it might have been the FIRST time a few of these mates had ever picked up a ball!  Five more weeks of funny stories will follow.  :)

For our second mode of transportation for the day, Bryson and I took the tram from his practice to the CBD to find our favorite volunteers and we were just in time to watch the male & female elite athletes compete. Turns out we were in the action area because during the first 1/3 of the race, one of the female racers started stumbling towards us and race officials caught her and helped her to the ground.  The most inept and s-l-o-w EMS workers in the world were called down to help her (they were literally 50 meters away, but you would have thought they came from a hospital 10 km away), but she laid on the ground for over an hour before they put her in the ambulance and took her elsewhere (they were giving her water and checking her pulse and blood pressure, but come on!).  I am the first to admit I have NO medical experience, but it seemed pretty obvious to me that all she really needed was an IV of fluids...

After the race ended, Ryan and Caden rode off on their bikes to join the other volunteers for a "thank you" party and Bryson and I mixed things up by walking to our next destinations: Kmart for a fan (the temps are getting warmer and warmer!) and then home.  After only a brief rest to cool off, we then hopped on our final mode of transportation, the city bus, to pick up our bikes that we had left locked at the tram station!

We *tried* to go to bed early last night to prepare for the early morning wake-up call for our volunteers.  Something tells me tonight will have an even earlier bedtime...it was a full day!