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Best. Gift. Ever.

Valentine's Day is stupid and Ryan and I have a strict agreement that there is no need or reason to buy me overpriced flowers just because it says so on the calendar (in case he's reading this, flowers on any other random day are fabulous...).  Although I didn't think we were getting each other gifts at all, he surprised me by ordering and installing a new MCU (not sure what that is - but something about a motor control unit) in our 12 year old washing machine. 

I was only without a washing machine for 4 days, but boy did the dirty laundry pile up quickly!  For this mom of three active (and sweaty boys!), a working washing machine is seriously the BEST. GIFT. EVER.

So you don't think I am a complete non-emotional robot without feelings, I did make a super yummy funfetti cake for the family on Valentine's Day...

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Yep, this "new" car is now a permanent fixture in our driveway and my first-born baby has a car.

Wait!  What?  I am having a VERY hard time wrapping my head around this new development.  It seems like just yesterday Boy #1 had THIS new set of wheels...

He is growing up way too fast and Iowa driving laws certainly aren't helping!  At age 14, kids can drive with parents in the car after passing a written driving test.  Check - that happened last summer.  The next step is to take a 6-week Drivers Ed class at the High School.  Check - that also happened last summer.  Six months after completing Drivers Ed, kids can then get a student permit that allows them to drive themselves to and from school related events only (think school, practices and games).  Boy #1 was technically able to get a student permit last month, but I had reservations about sending him into the IHS parking lot on his own - that is a SCARY place for even experienced drivers.   Not to mention we didn't …

Hands Free

For anyone that knows me at all, this time of the year is hard for me because it's the dreaded flu season.  Obviously no one wants to get the flu, but because my anxiety symptoms are really just flu symptoms in disguise (imagine the Pepto Bismol commercial from back in the day), just the mention of the flu can give me cold sweats, a racing heart and have me running/hiding from anyone and everyone.
And this particular season hasn't disappointed - stories about the flu are everywhere you look.  So imagine my anxiety level when I walk into my doctor's office earlier this week for a routine meds check (i.e., I'm not sick I just needed to check in so that I can continue to get prescription refills).  Before I even enter the building, I see signs on the doors with a person wearing a mask that encourages sick guests to keep their masks on at all time.  At that point, I go into high alert mode and I use the hand wave sensor thingy to open both of the entrance doors (no worries…

teenage smells

My first born child walked upstairs with his laundry basket last night as I was heading to bed.  My initial thought was that there was something he needed washed and ready for his 6am practice in the morning.  As I started to calmly and politely express my frustration (at least that's how it sounded in my head), he assured me he had everything he needed for tomorrow.  Whew.  But I was still confused. It was the night before his first round of high school finals and he should have either been studying or sleeping! I am fairly certain he has NEVER brought up his laundry on his own so the entire situation was very confusing to my tired brain.  I continued to ask questions in an attempt to figure out what was going on and he kept giving me short answers with his cute little smirk on his face, which only confirmed that something fishy was going on.  He finally admitted that he didn't want the laundry basket in his bathroom anymore because of the SMELL.  So he brought it up to me.  …

Discus for the WIN!

Wow -- I knew it had been awhile since I had last posted on this blog, but I didn't know we were approaching 2 years.  Whoops.  Instead of attempting to catch up, I'm going to jump right in and pretend like I've been doing this all along.  We'll see if I remember how!

Caden is having a great time throwing the discus in 8th grade track this year.  He threw the discus for the first time ever last summer, but only got a handful of throws in.  When track rolled around this spring, he decided he'd try it again and I think he made a good decision.  He has really improved and done a great job so far this year - most important to me, he's trying something new.

Going into the season, he set a personal goal to throw 90 feet.  During the very first meet (April 7th), all three of his throws were over 90 feet, he reached a new PR (personal record) of 95 feet 10 inches and took home 5th place.  Time to set a new goal!

Third track meet of the year was last Thursday in Knoxvil…

Ryan Is An IRONMAN!!!!!

He did it.  His lips were purple, but he did it.  12 hours and 13 minutes of exhaustion.  Below is a video my mom got from online when he crossed the finished line.  And I PROMISE I'm going to take a break from blogs and Facebook for awhile.  Thanks for cheering him on from where ever you might have been.

RACE SUMMARYSwim:1:14:07Bike6:27:38Run4:12:38Overall12:13:34

Running Man

Look who I ran into around mile 3?!?!?!?!?