Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week #15

Another one bites the dust...another week that is!  We had a little taste of Adelaide summer this week and it was HOT. But nothing that a few ice blocks (Popsicles!) can't help!  Not much else to say, so I hope the pictures speak for themselves this week.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

(almost) 2/3 of the way done!

I'm in no-way a maths major (I love how Aussies add an 's' to the end of the word), but if these are Week #14 pictures and we're here for a total of 22 weeks...we're two-thirds of the way done with this Australian adventure (well, almost).  When I am completely honest with myself, two thoughts come to mind: I can't believe we have already been here for this long AND I can't believe we still have another month and a half to go.  But I'm coming to terms with the fact that it's okay to feel both ways at the same time.  I'm treating it as part of the overall adventure!

Week #14 started out a bit slow as the boys started back to school in Term 4, Ryan caught up with school work and I tried to transition back to "normal" life in Adelaide.  But by the weekend, we were ready to get out of the house and do some more exploring.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


If the amount of grime on my feet today is any indication, it was a FULL and FUN day.

Ryan and Caden kicked off the day at 5:30am as they left to volunteer for the 2014 Australian Duathlon Championships.  They worked at one of the water stations, handing out water to the age-group and elite athletes.  Nine and a half hours later (!), they returned from the day.  I know Ryan enjoyed being able to "give back" after being the one taking water all the time.  It was also Caden's first official volunteer event and I think he really enjoyed himself.

Bryson and I were able to sleep in a bit more, but our day was no less busy.  Although the Duathlon Championships was along the River Torrens in the CBD, our nearby Hutt Street (just ~30 yards away from our front door) was also hosting a local criterion race (many laps around a closed street course in bicycles).  So after brekkie, B and I headed down the street to watch a few of the younger racers compete (14-17 year old boys & girls).   We then jumped on our own bikes and rode to Gilles Street Primary School for Bryson's first basketball practice.  B did a great job and seemed to have a good time while he was there.  There were only ~7 other kids and there was a WIDE range of athletic abilities.  I don't think I would be exaggerating to say it might have been the FIRST time a few of these mates had ever picked up a ball!  Five more weeks of funny stories will follow.  :)

For our second mode of transportation for the day, Bryson and I took the tram from his practice to the CBD to find our favorite volunteers and we were just in time to watch the male & female elite athletes compete. Turns out we were in the action area because during the first 1/3 of the race, one of the female racers started stumbling towards us and race officials caught her and helped her to the ground.  The most inept and s-l-o-w EMS workers in the world were called down to help her (they were literally 50 meters away, but you would have thought they came from a hospital 10 km away), but she laid on the ground for over an hour before they put her in the ambulance and took her elsewhere (they were giving her water and checking her pulse and blood pressure, but come on!).  I am the first to admit I have NO medical experience, but it seemed pretty obvious to me that all she really needed was an IV of fluids...

After the race ended, Ryan and Caden rode off on their bikes to join the other volunteers for a "thank you" party and Bryson and I mixed things up by walking to our next destinations: Kmart for a fan (the temps are getting warmer and warmer!) and then home.  After only a brief rest to cool off, we then hopped on our final mode of transportation, the city bus, to pick up our bikes that we had left locked at the tram station!

We *tried* to go to bed early last night to prepare for the early morning wake-up call for our volunteers.  Something tells me tonight will have an even earlier was a full day!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week #12, Spring Break, GBR

Sorry it took so long to get these pictures into an album.   I'm even more sorry that you were stuck with the visual of Ryan's foot from the last blog for so long!  

Week #12 was our "we're over half way done" week, the first week of Spring break for the boys, the second week of Spring Break at the Uni, and the beginning of our adventure to the GBR.  And for all of you Nebraska friends and family - that is Great Barrier Reef, and NOT Go Big Red.

This album has a lot of pictures, but you can quickly scan through the underwater shots.  It was just too hard to pick and choose which ones to include because they were all so good!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A "Bye" Week

Think of Week #11 as a middle of the season "Bye" week.  We didn't take the week completely off but we are really gearing up and conserving our energy for our NEXT challenge...the Great Barrier Reef.

So use this opportunity to stretch your legs, get some extra sleep, load up on water.  You are going to need all of that and more when our next album comes out!

Highlights from Week #11

Not to be outdone by our boys, Ryan went to a podiatrist today to have some plantar warts "taken care of".  He has acid (ouch!) to apply every couple days and he is supposed to keep his foot dry.  That's going to be difficult next week...

I also went to the doctor this week after weeks of ear pain/pressure/headaches.  Turns out I have "Eustachian Tube Dysfunction" and so I'm using home remedies of Vicks VapoRub and hot steam to try to clear out all the yuckiness that is causing negative pressure in my ears.
We did manage to do ONE fun, new thing this week.  Caden's class has been creating their own Monopoly Boards at school, so he used allowance money to buy a "real" board that we could play at home.  Ryan won the inaugural game, but ONLY because I didn't want the game to end so soon and I didn't take everybody out sooner.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Excursions x2

We just finished up Week #10 in Adelaide.  Seriously?  I can't believe we have been here that long.  I am trying to channel my inner Oprah and "be present" as much as possible, but I had several "WOW" moments this week.  Moments where I literally stopped what I was doing, looked around and tried to take in my surroundings and realize this fabulous opportunity that our family has been given.  When I am still doing laundry, going grocery shopping and helping with homework it is easy to forget  WHERE we are able to perform all of these routine tasks.  To put it simply, WE ARE VERY VERY LUCKY AND WE KNOW IT.

Week #10 allowed me to go on an excursion (school field trip) with Bryson on Tuesday and Caden on Wednesday.  Bryson was thrilled that I could go with his class to Morialta Falls.  Caden on the other hand mentioned nothing about his upcoming class trip, but his teacher saw me on Tuesday and asked if I could help.  It turns out Caden was glad that I was able to go and I tried my best not to embarrass him too much.

Here is the link for Week #10 pictures:

If you are interested, I took some (illegal, but I didn't know it was illegal when I was doing it) video while on Caden's excursion.  We went to the Capri Theatre, which shows regular movies but it is also a not-for-profit business run by volunteers.  When you buy a ticket, you are supporting a charity at the same time.  It also has the Theatre Organ Society's rare and special pipe organ and three nights a week, an organ performance happens before the movie starts. It is also the largest Theatre Organ in the Southern Hemisphere.  Cool, huh?
p.s.  To watch the YouTube videos, you'll probably need to go to a computer and then our blog site.  For some reason, the videos don't always show up on phones....

First that tune.  The musician was from Hollywood and I must admit it was kind of nice to hear a familiar accent!  One of the boys in Caden's class came up to me later and asked me if we knew the guy. Because all Americans know each other?!?

This was my favorite piece that he played.  Don't feel compelled to watch/listen, I just LOVE the music from Phantom of the Opera.

This is my FAVORITE video by far.  Another pianist from Nashville came on stage and they performed a duet to Frozen's it-never-gets-old-no-matter-how-many-times-I-hear-it 'Let It Go'.  The theatre was filled with children of all ages, but we were lucky (said sarcastically) to be sitting in front of a class of kindergarten/1st graders.  When they weren't kicking my seat, they were talking so loudly it was hard to hear anything else.  But when they started playing 'Let It Go', it was priceless.  I only wish the musicians on stage could have heard what I heard....