Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Excursions x2

We just finished up Week #10 in Adelaide.  Seriously?  I can't believe we have been here that long.  I am trying to channel my inner Oprah and "be present" as much as possible, but I had several "WOW" moments this week.  Moments where I literally stopped what I was doing, looked around and tried to take in my surroundings and realize this fabulous opportunity that our family has been given.  When I am still doing laundry, going grocery shopping and helping with homework it is easy to forget  WHERE we are able to perform all of these routine tasks.  To put it simply, WE ARE VERY VERY LUCKY AND WE KNOW IT.

Week #10 allowed me to go on an excursion (school field trip) with Bryson on Tuesday and Caden on Wednesday.  Bryson was thrilled that I could go with his class to Morialta Falls.  Caden on the other hand mentioned nothing about his upcoming class trip, but his teacher saw me on Tuesday and asked if I could help.  It turns out Caden was glad that I was able to go and I tried my best not to embarrass him too much.

Here is the link for Week #10 pictures:

If you are interested, I took some (illegal, but I didn't know it was illegal when I was doing it) video while on Caden's excursion.  We went to the Capri Theatre, which shows regular movies but it is also a not-for-profit business run by volunteers.  When you buy a ticket, you are supporting a charity at the same time.  It also has the Theatre Organ Society's rare and special pipe organ and three nights a week, an organ performance happens before the movie starts. It is also the largest Theatre Organ in the Southern Hemisphere.  Cool, huh?
p.s.  To watch the YouTube videos, you'll probably need to go to a computer and then our blog site.  For some reason, the videos don't always show up on phones....

First video...name that tune.  The musician was from Hollywood and I must admit it was kind of nice to hear a familiar accent!  One of the boys in Caden's class came up to me later and asked me if we knew the guy. Because all Americans know each other?!?

This was my favorite piece that he played.  Don't feel compelled to watch/listen, I just LOVE the music from Phantom of the Opera.

This is my FAVORITE video by far.  Another pianist from Nashville came on stage and they performed a duet to Frozen's it-never-gets-old-no-matter-how-many-times-I-hear-it 'Let It Go'.  The theatre was filled with children of all ages, but we were lucky (said sarcastically) to be sitting in front of a class of kindergarten/1st graders.  When they weren't kicking my seat, they were talking so loudly it was hard to hear anything else.  But when they started playing 'Let It Go', it was priceless.  I only wish the musicians on stage could have heard what I heard....

Friday, September 19, 2014

A more normal week....

I promise this week of pictures won't take hours of your time.  In fact, after the lovely (an Aussie word used ALL. THE. TIME!) weekend at Kangaroo Island, it was kind of nice to have a more laid-back and "at home" week.  But we still made the most of it and got to experience the world famous (okay, maybe South Australia famous) Royal Adelaide Show.

Below is the link for Week #9...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Ups and Downs of Week #8

Week #8 was full of all kinds of ups and downs....

  • Caden was finally feeling better, but then Bryson got it, then Ryan got it and then I finally feel under the spell of the "crud".  B was the only one that ended up on antibiotics, but it was a real doozy of a cold.
  • GSPS had its all school Sports Day.  The school has been planning and practicing for this all-day event since the beginning of Term 3 (when we arrived).  Unfortunately, Bryson was too sick to go to school so I took him and we sat on the sidelines and watched.
  • We ventured to Kangaroo Island on Saturday & Sunday.  Although 3 out of 4 of the Rehmeiers hacked, sneezed, coughed and blew our noses the entire time, it was a fantastic trip.
  • And don't even get me started on Snapfish....I'm still waiting for the "up" to happen!  For numerous reasons, I have abandoned the one big album I was putting together, and instead I'll probably have to do separate weekly albums.  The link below is just for Week #8.  As soon as I can figure out the mess that contains Week 1-7, those should be available again.
So no skipping ahead this time around and no using the old link. All (200!!!) of these pictures are from Week #8.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Repeat Performance

There are so many places to see and things to experience and we have tried really hard to find NEW adventures. With very few exceptions, we haven't visited the same restaurant or done the same activity more than once.  But that all changed Wednesday afternoon.  Our first repeat?  Adelaide Urgent Care, this time for Bryson.

After five (long!) days of constant congestion and snot, a hacking cough and an on and off fever, Ryan and I decided it was time to have his lungs and chest listened to by a professional.  Because it was during the afternoon, we went online and called every local doctor and clinic that might possibly accept our international insurance...but no one had any available openings for that afternoon.  We *TRIED* to save some money, but at the end of the day, back to Urgent Care we went.  It seems like almost all of the teachers and students at GSPS have had some version of this cold the past couple of weeks, so I had my doubts if we were doing the right thing in taking him.  But Ryan (correctly) reminded me that we have never taken the boys to the doctor and walked away saying "we didn't really need to do that".  Perhaps we (okay, I) am excessively stubborn and wait until the situation is bad.  

Despite missing the second connecting bus, finding another alternative, but then getting lost walking from the bus stop to the clinic...we made it.  And once again, I'm glad we went.  He had a fever, he was dehydrated (his tongue was white - oops!), both ears were red and infected and his cough was making him wheeze.  Alrighty then.  In the office they gave him some some medicine to bring down the fever and another steroid to help him breathe. Unfortunately, before we even left the office B-Dog coughed so much that he gagged and threw-up some/all of the medicine. So much for that attempt!

With a VERY low phone battery, Ryan walked us through the directions to the nearest bus stop, only to get there and find out the bus stop was closed due to construction.  Although we tried running to catch the bus at the next bus stop, my poor running companion didn't make it more than ~10 yards before he stopped suddenly and started crying because he couldn't breathe.  Bottom line - my battery held on long enough to find another bus option and we finally made it back home without too much additional wear and tear.

Lessons learned:
1) Our kids may whine about screen time and what we make them eat, but they don't whine about their health.  When they're sick, they are really truly sick.
2) Oh how I miss my Toyota Highlander back home.  The ~11 minute drive to the Urgent Care location would have been nice.
3) And I can't believe I am saying this, but I actually miss my medical insurance back home and the $20 co-pay this appointment would have normally cost.  I won't trouble anyone with the details, but let's just say this visit without insurance was more than 10x what we would have paid back home.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 7: GERMS

Looking back on week #7, the word GERMS pretty much sums everything up.  Caden stayed home from school on Monday sick with a stuffy nose and cough.  By the end of the week, Bryson had it and Ryan and I were just hanging on...waiting for our turn.  (I'll give you a hint, week #8 is still full of germs.  UGGGG!).

Ryan and I did have a Tuesday-morning-bike-ride-date that was awesome.  The River Torrens runs through Adelaide (starting in the east in the hills, through the city/just north of the CBD/Uni) and west to the Southern/Indian Ocean and Henley Beach.  The best part?  There is a trail that runs the entire way, paved, safe and BEAUTIFUL.  From our house to the beach was about 15k (9.3 miles) and then we obviously had to turn around and come back.  It wasn't a hard ride at all, very flat, but I'm pretty sure that is the longest I have ever ridden a bike.  Seriously.  I was expecting major saddle butt soreness the next day, but my body surprised me and I was fine.

As I write this, we are halfway through Week #8 and germs still surround us (blog to follow, no worries).  We have a trip planned to Kangaroo Island this upcoming weekend and my fingers are crossed we can all make it!

Week #7 pictures start with #381.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Week 6: reception, fire alarms and a beach

Six weeks down...but for our own sanity, we aren't starting to count how many more we have left. By and large, all four of us are doing great and having fun.

  • Bryson had a little cold that he passed along to Caden, who turned it into a full-blown cold that missed him a day of school.  
  • Caden and I are definitely missing friends and family back home; Ryan is LOVING the lack of administrative duties and meetings; and Bryson has already declared that he never wants to leave here. So our family has all of the emotions and feelings covered!  
  • Although it is still considered winter here, the rain has disappeared (forever?) and the temperatures are starting to creep into the upper 60's.  I even saw daffodils and dandelions this week - a sure sign of spring back home.
To skip ahead to Week #6 pictures, start at #294....

Friday, August 22, 2014


Imagine with me for a moment that all you have been eating for the past 6 weeks are Tim Tams (the greatest cookie ever made), breads and ice creams.  Now imagine that during that same period of time, your favorite pair of jeans have actually become looser, to the point that a belt is needed.  Pretty amazing new diet, right?  Perhaps I'm on to something??

Now - imagine the sadness one might have (okay, that *I* had) when I realized that I had worn the same pair of jeans for more days in a row than I care to admit AND that those jeans had not been in a dryer for 6 weeks.

So instead of creating the latest diet craze, I have come to understand that helping Mother Nature and doing the line-dry thing is NOT an accurate judge of how many calories one (okay, *I*) might be consuming.  I am still going to be a good Aussie and line dry as many clothes as possible...

...but these jeans are also going to take a trip into the dryer so I can be brought back into reality!